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07-Mar-2017 | Food & Beverage

Survey: Pet Health Awareness to Boost Global Pet Food Market

According to a survey that was conducted by the University of Washington, Seattle, the awareness among the people regarding the health of their pets have been increased drastically. This has resulted in one thing—the boost in the global pet food market. According the survey, the awareness among the people resulted in the rise of pet food to 56% in the Q1 of 2017. The same number was 39% i ...

23-Feb-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

LG Unveils VRF Air Conditioning Systems to Boost The Global Air Conditioning Systems Market

The popular tech giant LG revealed the new VRF air conditioning systems thereby driving the global air conditioning systems market. The launch of new VRF air conditioning systems was an addition to LG’s list of commercial product. But this launch alone was responsible for deciding the current state of global air conditioning systems market. Let us see what the reasons behind this are.

23-Feb-2017 | Food & Beverage

Merger Between General Mills And The Girl Scouts to Boost Global Breakfast Cereals Market

General Mills and the Girl Scouts are the two main giants in the production of breakfast cereals. This merger has led to the escalation of the global breakfast cereal market. But the merger alone cannot take away the credit for the growth of the global breakfast cereal market. Here are some of the factors.

15-Feb-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Tuol Kork’s Citizens Water Meter Protest Dampened The Water Meter Market

The citizen at the Tuol Kork district, Cambodia protested against the use of water meter on February 01, 2017. Even though the protest was logical and fair enough, it hampered the growth of the water meter market, especially in Cambodia. The protest was done due to the high cost associated with the metering. Well, the hefty price of metering was and has always been a problem in the water meter ...

15-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Urge For Pure Water In Residential And Commercial Sector Shoots Up Water Purifier Market

Aren’t we always thinking about water purity? Yes, we do since water is something we use for our living. Due to this concern related to the water purity the water purification industries are constantly researching and developing new technologies in order to enhance the purity of the water. The growing awareness about water purity across various regions is a major factor that fuels the mar ...

15-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Various Allergies Hit Karachi People Fueling The Allergy Diagnostics Market

Increased cases of allergies are being hit in Karachi in Asia Pacific region. Almost, the number has risen to 30% to 40% as compared to last year. These allergies include various types of allergies including eye, nasal, and skin. The current situation indirectly gave a boost to the allergy diagnostic market.

07-Feb-2017 | Energy & Resources

Increasing Applications of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms to Boost the Genotyping Market

Single nucleotide polymorphism is generally a mutation present at a single base pair having two alleles or a mutation certain locus. Single nucleotide polymorphisms assist in comprehending the interrelationship between behavior and genotype signified by all the living organisms. Single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping is the assessment of genetic variants that are normally present in the indi ...

07-Feb-2017 | Entertainment

Indian Gaming Market Projected To Reach Hundreds of Millions Valued Market By 2022

The gaming industry has been witnessing loads of ups and downs due to fluctuating users demand and preferences. The market is majorly driven by freemium and virtual reality games.

The concept of freemium is about providing an online service through app or web with no charge but the concern application services also have some extra features for which a user has to pay some amount. ...

07-Feb-2017 | Information

GST —an Important Implementation for Logistic Market in India

Indian Union Budget was announced and it had lots of new progressive finance plans and amendments. The newly declared budget was more focused on farming sector, rural population, infrastructure, healthcare, tax admiration and many other crucial aspects. The Indian finance minister made the announcement for upcoming infrastructures which includes ports and 2,000 km coastal roads. Many finance ex ...

15-Dec-2016 | Food & Beverage

Foods to Help You Overcome Acidity

Almost 99.99% of the population in world has surely suffered from acidity once in their life time. Well, this is a common phenomena yet much annoying. The burn in the chest almost makes your life hard. Well to overcome this problem, there are some remedies. We are always ready to help you and so here is the list of food items that will help you to overcome the pain of acidity.