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05-Apr-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Can Google’s New Features For Duo And Allo Be A Roll-Over-Prize For The Mobile App Market?

World is digitizing at a faster pace today. “Can Google prove to be the face of Internet development all across the globe?” is something that only time can answer. Google has a number of advancements being made to its app owing to the growing public demands and its increasing use. Recently, Google has added an audio-only feature to its video-calling app Duo and photo & file shar ...

05-Apr-2017 | Medical Devices

Adoption Of Predictive Analysis To Propel Electronic Health Records Market

Electronic health records are combined reports that capture  a broad range of data, including the demographics, medical history of patients, diagnostic images, laboratory test results, and medications. Healthcare institutes produce an enormous quantity of clinical data that consist of patient health information and non-clinical information such as financial and administrative data. 

29-Mar-2017 | Business Services & Administration

Honeywell’s EBI to Boost The Intelligent Building Management Systems Market

Honeywell, the popular tech giant, introduced Enterprise Buildings Integrator R500 (EBI) last year. From the latest survey, the sale of the EBI R500 has been elevatí which has not only resulted in a growth of the profit charts of Honeywell but also has propelled the global intelligent building management systems market. Let us discuss more about the factors that affect the global intelli ...

29-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Seasonal Fluctuation to Uptick The Influenza Diagnostics Market

Influenza, which is mostly known as flu, is a contagious disease attributable to the influenza virus. It is a viral infection that bothers the respiratory system by affecting the throat, nose, & lungs and can result in severe or mild illness. There are 3 types of viruses that infect people, namely, type C, type B, and type A. People with influenza present symptoms such as cough, fever, runn ...

20-Mar-2017 | Automobile

Extensive Development in Technology is Fueling The Automotive Pressure Sensors Market

Sensors that deliver linear voltage output due to applied pressure are termed as pressure sensors. Automotive pressures sensors play a significant role in the operation of the vehicles. The automotive pressure sensors are precisely calibrated to identify the accurate sensing conditions. Vehicles have loads of chemical present for its lubrication, thus to avoid the direct contact of those chemic ...

17-Mar-2017 | Others

Smart Parking Eases Issue In New Zealand Thus Boosting The Global Market

Whangarei is the most populated city of New Zealand with a population of 56,400. According to a report published at the beginning of 2017, it was found that the most the people faced woes for locating the available parking. Well, this issue has now been solved now. Thanks to the smart parking technology. This has not only resolved the issue of the people but also has boosted the global smart pa ...

17-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Could Dopamine Tracker Sensors Help The Brain Monitoring Market Burgeon?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain function properly in terms of memory and control. The technological advancement in the medical sector has led to the development of the tool; basically a dopamine tracker sensor in order to monitor the level of dopamine in the brain for diagnosing neurotransmitter-related diseases. Right now, the deep brain stimulation technique is used to sup ...

14-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Use Of Biologics to Boost The Gastrointestinal Therapeutics Market

Gastrointestinal diseases include diseases that involve the gastrointestinal tract, specifically, the stomach, large intestine & rectum, small intestine, esophagus, and subsidiary organs of digestion, the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. Gastrointestinal disorders consist of functional as well as motility disorders disturbing the gastrointestinal tract. Functional disorders include an aber ...

14-Mar-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Growing Inclination Towards Fitness Have Motivated The Growth Of The Sportswear Market

Sports isn’t seen as just a physical activity nowadays, as it has turned out to be a scope of entertainment, trend to be fit, or can be seen as platform to achieve fame. However,     Sports industry has generated many business opportunities for the sub-segments that contribute in the market, in terms of sportswear and other supporting clothing wear.

07-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Drug Delivery Devices Market Boosting With Increasing Drug Developments

Drug delivery includes various approaches, technologies, and formulations utilized to release chemical substances or drugs in the body. This can be for treatment, prevention, cure, or diagnosis of several diseases, including viral & bacterial diseases, diabetes, allergies, and gastrointestinal illnesses. Ethylene vinyl acetate, silicone, acrylate hydrogels, polyurethane, and other biodegrad ...