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13-Jul-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Consumers’ Inclining More on Modular Furniture Has Spurred the Growth of Wood Adhesive Market

The growing demand for premium and luxury furniture promotes the manufactures to bring new and innovative designs, which motivates the adhesive manufacturers to develop advanced solutions. This chain of demand-to-manufacturing has fostered the growth of the global wood adhesive market. The demand of the wood that is utilized for the residential purpose such as for building homes and internal st ...

13-Jul-2017 | Energy & Resources

Electric Cars and Smartphones’ Wireless Charging burgeons Global Renewable Energy Market

The basic concern today is the increasing greenhouse gas emission and hence the scientists are always in the state of looking out for new ways or technologies to curb the emission rate. For keeping the environment safe there is a need for using technology wisely without any impact on the environment. For helping the Mother Earth and her people, a team of researchers from the Stanford University ...

23-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Internet Market to Grow Two-Fold in India

Internet users in the nation will increase two-fold by end of 2021 and reach from 373 Million users in 2016 to 829 Million consumers, bolstering due to digital transformation as per a latest report.

23-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Motorola to Make Top Products for Indian Smartphone Market

Smartphone manufacturer Lenovo will spend in sections such as expanding retail presence, marketing, and building best goods for its “Motorola” brand as it sees to reinforce its place in the ferociously-competitive smartphone market in India.

16-Jun-2017 | Technology

Yash Raj Films–Yupptv Partnership to Boost the Global Entertainment Market

Movies! It is something that most of the people are crazy about. The entertainment industry is something that will only flourish as days pass by. Looking at the global entertainment market bolster at the release of some of the fabulous storyline-based movies, be it comedy, thriller, romantic, patriotic, or others, there is no doubt it is one of the best businesses in the world. For the release ...

16-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Proposed 28% GST Rate to Affect IT Hardware Market

IT hardware companies have requested the government that standardized Goods and Services Tax rate of 18% should be applicable on IT products, such as printers and monitors, as an alternative to 28% projected for some products, which will make them costly. 

06-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Could Robotic Nurses Be the Next Thing Iin the Global Robotics Healthcare Market?

Will the robots take over the humans’ tasks? The answer to this question is something only the future can answer. Looking at the current research going on in the field of robotics, the days don’t seem that far. According Dr. Elena De Momi and her colleagues of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy have excelled in the robotics field by developing a robotic nurse which can assist the doct ...

06-Jun-2017 | Food & Beverage

Health and Wellness Food Market Might Flourish With Rising Demand For Probiotic And Functional Food Products

Food is the main and basic need of the human kind, and the fact cannot be denied even if some research claim that human can survive without food. It isn’t recorded yet that non-consumption of food leads to immediate death but having a healthy personality is a major goal of every individual.

31-May-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Amazon’s Great Indian Sale to Bolster the Online Ecommerce Retail Market

The Great Indian Sale by Amazon has started and will last till May 14, 2017. The sale by the ecommerce giant has brought great deals and offers thus attracting more and more crowd. This will not only increase the profit chart of the company but also boost the global online ecommerce retail market. Let us have a look at the factors that are affecting the global online ecommerce retail market.

31-May-2017 | Medical Devices

Approval of Fever Scout by FDA to Upsurge the Global Medical Device Market

VivaLnk, a California-based company got approval for its Fever Scout device. The device is specially developed for babies to measure the temperature at the time of fever. The device has a soft patch. Hence, it is easy for parents to trust the device as it is comfortable with any type of skins. The device can also be operated with the help of an app. Hence, you can keep a continuous watch on you ...