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06-Jun-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Could Robotic Nurses Be the Next Thing Iin the Global Robotics Healthcare Market?

Will the robots take over the humans’ tasks? The answer to this question is something only the future can answer. Looking at the current research going on in the field of robotics, the days don’t seem that far. According Dr. Elena De Momi and her colleagues of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy have excelled in the robotics field by developing a robotic nurse which can assist the doct ...

06-Jun-2017 | Food & Beverage

Health and Wellness Food Market Might Flourish With Rising Demand For Probiotic And Functional Food Products

Food is the main and basic need of the human kind, and the fact cannot be denied even if some research claim that human can survive without food. It isn’t recorded yet that non-consumption of food leads to immediate death but having a healthy personality is a major goal of every individual.

31-May-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Amazon’s Great Indian Sale to Bolster the Online Ecommerce Retail Market

The Great Indian Sale by Amazon has started and will last till May 14, 2017. The sale by the ecommerce giant has brought great deals and offers thus attracting more and more crowd. This will not only increase the profit chart of the company but also boost the global online ecommerce retail market. Let us have a look at the factors that are affecting the global online ecommerce retail market.

31-May-2017 | Medical Devices

Approval of Fever Scout by FDA to Upsurge the Global Medical Device Market

VivaLnk, a California-based company got approval for its Fever Scout device. The device is specially developed for babies to measure the temperature at the time of fever. The device has a soft patch. Hence, it is easy for parents to trust the device as it is comfortable with any type of skins. The device can also be operated with the help of an app. Hence, you can keep a continuous watch on you ...

19-May-2017 | Food & Beverage

Consumer Demand For Optimum Nutrition to Upsurge the High-Fiber Biscuits Market

The important components in the high-fiber biscuits are wheat grains, wheat bran, and oats. The worldwide market is developing at a modest rate due to factors such as growing urbanization, the requirement for convenience foods, the escalating expendable income, and hectic lifestyles. Furthermore, as the customers are becoming ever more alarmed about the components and health advantages, several ...

19-May-2017 | Food & Beverage

Consumer Focusing More on Healthy Diets Is Spurring the Growth of The Global Soy Protein Market

Proteins are the mandatory nutrients of the human body, which keeps the body stimulating in a healthy way. Protein plays a crucial role in developing, building muscle, burning calorie, and keeping your stomach full. Majority of the proteins are extracted from the normal food that is consumed by our body. Healthy food diet provides huge protein and balances the metabolism of our body. But in tho ...

09-May-2017 | Building Materials

Growing Demand of Wood and Escalating Growth of the Timber Market Is Impacting Forest Globally

We are into the era where purity of oxygen level has been drastically disfigured. Growing level of carbon emission has led many nations to take some serious steps like banning diesel vehicles, making national agenda to fight climate change, and implementation of new eco-friendly technologies to recover the loss done to the environment.  But while following these parameters, we have skipped ...

09-May-2017 | Electronic Device

Launch of New Oneplus 3T Is Driving The Global Smartphone Market

Nowadays, every day a new smartphone is launched by the smartphone manufacturing companies. OnePlus is also one of them. Well, the company launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 3T back in November 2016. And now, the company is re-launching it again. Well, recently the company launched the smartphone in Denmark. This was the first time when it made the entry in the country in spite of the fac ...

04-May-2017 | Entertainment

Pokémon Go to Boost the Global Social Gaming Market

Nintendo launched the Pokémon Go game for smartphone last year. Initially, the game took the world by storm. But eventually, the craze of the game decreased and now it has settled with a fixed number of audiences. Lately, a research conducted on game proved that Pokémon Go can help to strengthen the relationship between a child and parents. This may also help in a healthier life o ...

04-May-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Improvements In Touchscreen Display To Uplift Its Market Globally

Touch screen displays utilize capacitive touch, resistive touch, infrared technology, and surface acoustic wave to function as an interface between end-users and service providers. It assists in simplifying and enhancing user experience. Touch screen displays are mostly installed in gas pumps, retail outlets, ATMs, exhibitions & trade shows, sports arenas, and public transit stations. Lapto ...