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04-Sep-2017 | Technology

5G Technology to Boost the Internet Market In India

Internet users in the nation will increase two-fold by end of 2021 and reach from 373 Million users in 2016 to 829 Million consumers, bolstering due to the fact that almost 75% of users will be ready to pay more for 5G tech in the future. This indicates approximately 59% of the Indian populace will utilize the internet. Also, there might be 2 Billion networked gadgets by the end of 2021 up from ...

04-Sep-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

A Chatbot That Can Help Expand the Global Education Market

Education is a milestone in life that every individual has to overcome so as to achieve his or her goals in life. Currently, there are a number of ameliorates that the government is trying to include in the education system so as to ease the process of learning and enjoy the experience of an educational phase.

22-Aug-2017 | Education

“Swayam” To Drive the Online Education Market in India

India will make an entry in a new world this week in higher education with the roll out of numerous courses. These courses will be provided via tablets, DTH channels, and mobiles. These courses have been designed by more than 1,000 expert faculty staffs from premier organizations such as JNU, IITs, Anna University, and Delhi University.

22-Aug-2017 | Aircraft

A Laser Weapon Designed For the Global Drone Warfare Market

Aerial drones are now becoming rogues for the countries as they are crossing boundaries in order to carry out the process of breaching the critical data. The security officials have thus been trying to eye a perfect solution for the trouble. The U.S. Navy has come up with a new solution for the hunting down of the illegal drones. They have developed a laser weapon that is trained to kill airbor ...

18-Aug-2017 | Automobile

Development Of Advanced Infrastructure To Spur The Growth Of Mega Trucks In Indian Market

Asian regions such as India and China will see minimal recompense in the expansion on truck weight and length over the long haul, alongside development of smart infrastructure. This is estimated to drive the mega truck market in India.

18-Aug-2017 | Machinery

Implementation of Food Processing Standards to Spur Automated Food Sorting Machines Market

The food industry is the ancient industry that has undergone numerous revolutions such as White Revolution, Green Revolution, and Pink Revolution. Based on the kind of food products produced, there have been many transformations in the food processing methods perceived in the industry. Nonetheless, the advent of automation is altering the aging industry by incorporating new techniques and metho ...

31-Jul-2017 | Electronic Device

Alcatel Estimates $10 Million Returns from Tablet PC Market Growth

Chinese cell phone maker Alcatel lately anticipated to accomplish $10 million income from Tablet PC business. The principle objective of this effort is to grab at least 10% of the market share by the end of this fiscal year in the section of tablet PC. 

31-Jul-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Emerging E-Commerce Sector Is Spurring the Growth for Forklift Truck Market

Forklift truck is a movable machine used to lift and move heavy goods. It is majorly used in the production lines, warehouses, or any storage facilities that handle heavy goods to keep the inventory moving as per the demand from the manufacturing plant or for dispatch purpose.

18-Jul-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

App Giving Info of GST Rates to Boost Smartphone Application Market in India

The finance ministry’s indirect tax wing rolled out an app for GST last week to assist users navigate new taxes on goods and services. This launch of the new app has boosted the smartphone application market in India, thereby indirectly driving the global market.

18-Jul-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Five Percent Growth Seen in the Global Smartphone Shipment Market

Smartphones are a device that people are glued to throughout the day. The high demand for the newly arriving as well as the classic phones has resulted in the high increase in the sale of the smartphones. The shipment of the expensive premium smartphones is seen to be increasing as the customers are ordering phones from across the various regions.