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15-Nov-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Chinese Goods Sale To Witness A Huge Fall Of 40–45% In The Indian Market On Festive Season

For the last few years, Chinese products have done an appreciable business in terms of Diwali. But in this festive season, especially Diwali Chinese product can be a major drop in sales. From lights to gifts to Diwali and home decoration, a majority of the products are imported from China. Sales of Chinese products can be reduced by 40% to 45% this year compared to last year. This is revealed i ...

15-Nov-2017 | Medical Devices

Growing Rate of High-Risk Pregnancies to Spur the Fetal Monitoring Devices Market

Fetal monitoring signifies to the electronic monitoring of the patient. It registers the fetus’ vital physiological functions and the contractions of the uterus of the mother during birth and pregnancy. These monitors are bedside units that consist of an observing monitoring unit, electrodes, and cables. They record, measure, and present FHR, maternal heart rate &BP during and before ...

06-Nov-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Declining Use of Cigarettes to Drive the Smokeless Tobaccos Market

Owing to unrelenting attempts from the health organizations and governments across the world, the number of people smoking has been declined; nevertheless, the smokeless tobacco products dodging the regulatory spectacle have seen a stable increase in consumption. Even though smokeless tobaccos were recognized to confront the combustible cigarette market, the introduction of Big Tobacco transfor ...

06-Nov-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Apple Iphone X to Be Sales Booster for the Smartphone Market In 2018

A report from a research company hopes that the tenth anniversary iPhone of Apple, iPhone X, will be the sales booster in the subsequent year for the smartphone market. "Given the late accessibility of the iPhone X, we anticipated the replacement cycle of iPhone to flow more sturdily in the next year," claimed author of the report, Roberta Cozza, to the media in an interview.

31-Oct-2017 | Food & Beverage

Boost in Economic Conditions to Spur the Food Appliances Market in Ukraine

In Ukraine, most of the food preparation appliances are categorized as non-essential products. Owing to the unsteady economy in the last few years and low rates of purchase for food preparation appliances has dropped. A majority of the manufacturers are not concentrating on novelty but instead concentrating on the efficiency of these appliances. There is also a rise in production of a range of ...

31-Oct-2017 | Food & Beverage

Continuation of Inclusion of Organic Items to Impel the Growth of Hot Drinks Market

The market for hot beverages comprises tea, coffee, and other hot drinks—tea and coffee making up the maximum share in the market. The command for hot tea is mainly driven by the geriatric population due to its health advantages; on the other hand, coffer is recognized as a social drink around the globe. The introduction of innovative products and new flavors together with the changing li ...

18-Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Drastically Changing Lifestyle Motivating the Growth of The Disposable Footwear Market

Propelling publicizing efforts is a deep-rooted marketing methodology embraced by entrenched various sports equipment producers. All in all, the most well-known buying behavior showed by consumers is the inclination for celebrity preferred products and services. Key contenders, along these lines, utilize celebrity endorsement marketing is one of their essential method to attract customers. This ...

18-Oct-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

E-Commerce Market Witnessed Growth in The Festive Season

The e-commerce industry in India is increasing and is expected to cross $33 Billion this fiscal year. This detail was provided by the Parliament this week to the media in an interview. In the fiscal year 2016–2017, the online sector had expanded by 19%. This detail was offered by C R Chaudhary, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, to the Rajya Sabha in a written response.

12-Oct-2017 | Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Antibiotic Market Is Driven by Latest Advancement in the Sector

Comprehensively, there has been an expansion in the number of people affected by the infectious and deadly disease. Statistic changes caused by expanded globalization and urbanization are critical factors prompting the worldwide development of the irresistible disease. Urbanization has encouraged the congestion of human inhabitation. High populace densities in these territories support coloniza ...

12-Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Convenience and Safety of Toddlers to Drive the Baby Strollers Market

A stroller essentially means a tiny carriage with wheels that is developed predominantly for toddlers who can manage to sit on it. A stroller has the essential safety tools such as the safety belts and harness that assure the safety of the infant sitting inside one. Apart from this, it also has a canopy or a hood that protects the toddler from the scorching sun rays or rainwater.