Launch of Sense Companion in the HTC U Series Tend to Fuel the Artificial Intelligence Market

Posted on: Apr-2017 | By: QY Research | Technology

HTC’s Sense Companion app is an artificial intelligence-based app which the company plans to introduce in the recently launched smartphones such as U Ultra and U Play. The Sense companion app helps users keep a track of their fitness by counting their distance covered or steps taken. The app also has a unique feature of providing the exact location of the restaurants nearby, suggesting the clothing trends as per the season, and also the reminders regarding the battery recharge. Additionally, the specific language support feature is present in the app. All these unique attributes of the artificial intelligence app make it worth the wait in the global artificial intelligence market.

Aspiration for a highly advanced smartphone:

Due to the rising modernization and the new innovation, the smartphones are advancing in the recent years. The increasing demand for the security, image recognition, data tracking, voice-powered digital recognition, and virtual assistant apps are major reasons responsible for blooming of the artificial intelligence market. The demand by the humans to achieve superhuman-level intelligence by just a click or spoken directive has encouraged the smartphone technology-based companies to develop such apps.

Can the global market growth be restrained ?

Though the sale of the smartphones is increasing globally, there are a number of factors which can hinder its growth as well. The manufacturing cost of such apps is very high due to which app sale can be restrained. However, in order to make the artificial intelligence based apps available to all the smartphone users, the companies have made it a point to provide the apps freely on the certain platforms such as Play Store.

The demand for the smartphone devices with the AI-based apps helps propel the global artificial intelligence market.