Convenience and Safety of Toddlers to Drive the Baby Strollers Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: QY Research | Consumer Goods & Retailing

A stroller essentially means a tiny carriage with wheels that is developed predominantly for toddlers who can manage to sit on it. A stroller has the essential safety tools such as the safety belts and harness that assure the safety of the infant sitting inside one. Apart from this, it also has a canopy or a hood that protects the toddler from the scorching sun rays or rainwater.

There are several diverse options and features that are provided by the strollers existing in the market. Also, strollers that are more compact, easier to store, lighter, and shun baby walking are mostly favored by the consumers across the world. Fast-paced lifestyles along with the increase in nuclear families and single-parent have impelled the consumers to go for convenience as well as better safety for the toddlers. Thus, in turn, this is propelling the growth of the baby strollers market globally.

The most recent trend attaining impetus in the market is the stroller customization. Over the past few years, numerous manufacturers have brought up multifunctional strollers in the market that can be transformed into baby car seats as well as other storage conveniences. Twin strollers that can hold 2 babies simultaneously or have a space to keep things such as diapers, milk bottles, or other baby accessories are few of the other products that are in trend nowadays. These strollers were also obtainable in unique colors and designer prints, owing to the increasing order for designer products from the style-conscious customers.

Further, a boost is expected in the competitive market setting owing to the extension of services and products delivered and imminent improvement is also anticipated to promote the global market by assisting it to record growing profits in the coming period.

On the other hand, the huge price of raw materials and lack of skilled labor few factors that impede the market growth. Nevertheless, factors such as the introduction of online retailing, besides the amplified birth rate and reduced child mortality rate are expected to give a positive push to the growth of the global market. Increase in online deal of infant strollers will push the market growth in the near future.