Belizean Turmeric Gets Place in Global Turmeric Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: QY Research | Food & Beverage

A novel product manufactured from Belizean-grown turmeric has started to hit the shelves of grocery stores in Belize as well as in Canada. The latest product is supposed to catch the turmeric market in the rest of the Caribbean as well. This budge is supposed to offer novel opportunities to farmers as well as agro-processors in the Toledo district. Till date, more than 350 turmeric cultivators have registered their names with Naledo Belize Ltd., an agricultural social project, to provide whole root turmeric. This turmeric is processed to convert into “Truly Turmeric” paste.

As per Spore Magazine, an international-level journal that tracks the agricultural developments globally, the Naledo-registered cultivators get trained by the firm on various farming activities. It includes training on the precise technique to re-plant tiny rhizomes (the underground plant stems), avoid or minimize the contamination using pesticides or herbicides, efficient roots cleaning technique, and harvesting technique for the important part of the root. This training by the firm motivates more and more farmers from this region to grow turmeric in a scientific way. This motivation is supposed to help in increasing the production of turmeric and thereby boosting the global turmeric market. The cultivation of these crops is done in wild and amongst other crops or under cultivation in forests. This biodiverse production model offers this crop the sustainability and maintains regenerative agriculture.

Generally, the yield of turmeric is more than 4,500 Kg/0.5 Hector. It holds only 9 Months growth cycle. However, earlier, it was cultivated in small amounts in the Belize region to hand-process it into powder for the regional consumption. At present, numerous farmers have registered with Naledo and are producing more than 9,000 Kg/Month. This change has boosted the market in this region, thereby impacting positively on the global market as well.