Apple Iphone X to Be Sales Booster for the Smartphone Market In 2018

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: QY Research | Electrical & Electronic Device

A report from a research company hopes that the tenth anniversary iPhone of Apple, iPhone X, will be the sales booster in the subsequent year for the smartphone market. "Given the late accessibility of the iPhone X, we anticipated the replacement cycle of iPhone to flow more sturdily in the next year," claimed author of the report, Roberta Cozza, to the media in an interview.

The report is gambling on strong sales of Apple iPhone X in China, North America, and Western Europe. The high price of smartphone is nothing like to have much effect on its requirement.

Shortages of component might result in the incapability to meet handset demand in the quarter four of this year, further supporting unit sales shifting into the next year. "Drop in entire demand of mobile phone in 2017 is also anticipated to follow from a feeble lower end of the Smartphone market," claimed Cozza to the media. "For this sector, local sellers carry on to grapple in opposition to the shift toward finest brands, while elevation in the price of the component impact the capability of some Android sellers to battle more aggressively on cost." While this is anticipating to restrict handset growth in this year, the growth rate in 2018 is therefore expected to be higher as compared to the earlier forecast.

On the whole, the report hopes that the global shipments of tablets, PCs, and handsets to go beyond 2.35 Billion units in next year. This indicates an elevation of 2% from 2017, as per the report. This might be the highest growth for the smartphone market as compared to the previous years since 2015.

The misconception endures that the world has turned mobile and depends completely on handsets. "On the other hand, the newest online end-user study showcases that consumers rely just as much on tablets or PCs as they do on handsets," claimed Ranjit Atwal, co-author of the report. "Almost 40% of respondents claimed that they utilize mostly a tablet or PC for specific every day experiences, such as watching videos or writing and reading detailed emails, while 34% mostly utilize a smartphone for its handiness while on the move."