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09-May-2017 | Building Materials

Growing Demand of Wood and Escalating Growth of the Timber Market Is Impacting Forest Globally

We are into the era where purity of oxygen level has been drastically disfigured. Growing level of carbon emission has led many nations to take some serious steps like banning diesel vehicles, making national agenda to fight climate change, and implementation of new eco-friendly technologies to recover the loss done to the environment.  But while following these parameters, we have skipped ...

09-May-2017 | Electronic Device

Launch of New Oneplus 3T Is Driving The Global Smartphone Market

Nowadays, every day a new smartphone is launched by the smartphone manufacturing companies. OnePlus is also one of them. Well, the company launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 3T back in November 2016. And now, the company is re-launching it again. Well, recently the company launched the smartphone in Denmark. This was the first time when it made the entry in the country in spite of the fac ...

04-May-2017 | Entertainment

Pokémon Go to Boost the Global Social Gaming Market

Nintendo launched the Pokémon Go game for smartphone last year. Initially, the game took the world by storm. But eventually, the craze of the game decreased and now it has settled with a fixed number of audiences. Lately, a research conducted on game proved that Pokémon Go can help to strengthen the relationship between a child and parents. This may also help in a healthier life o ...

04-May-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Improvements In Touchscreen Display To Uplift Its Market Globally

Touch screen displays utilize capacitive touch, resistive touch, infrared technology, and surface acoustic wave to function as an interface between end-users and service providers. It assists in simplifying and enhancing user experience. Touch screen displays are mostly installed in gas pumps, retail outlets, ATMs, exhibitions & trade shows, sports arenas, and public transit stations. Lapto ...

17-Apr-2017 | Technology

Launch of Sense Companion in the HTC U Series Tend to Fuel the Artificial Intelligence Market

HTC’s Sense Companion app is an artificial intelligence-based app which the company plans to introduce in the recently launched smartphones such as U Ultra and U Play. The Sense companion app helps users keep a track of their fitness by counting their distance covered or steps taken. The app also has a unique feature of providing the exact location of the restaurants nearby, suggesting th ...

17-Apr-2017 | Cement Industry

Survey: Rise in Flooring and Construction to Boost the Ceramic Tiles Market

According to a latest survey conducted by the University of California, there has been a tremendous rise in the construction and flooring market since the last year. In the financial year 2014–2015, the amount of profit that the global construction and flooring market did was 21%. But this was not the case in the financial year 2015–2016. The number escalated and went high to reach ...

10-Apr-2017 | Electronic Device

Cisco And Ericsson Signed Deal to Compete The Network Market

Network market is fully crowded with some of the prominent telcos that aren’t leaving them market loose. On the same circumstances Ericsson and Cisco declared deal after partnership that was initiated a year back. The financial numbers of the deal wasn’t disclosed but the deal came into the action due to renovate the network of Vodafone Hutchison, Australia on contract based on five ...

10-Apr-2017 | Automobile

Driverless Vehicles in London to Boost the Global Transportation Market

Recently, driverless vehicles are most frequently in talks. Well, the vehicles are invented for sure. The recent news about these driverless pods is that they are under testing phase. The driverless pods were found under testing zone in London, the U.K. Well, the launch of these vehicles will not only prove to be a stepping stone in the field of technology but will also boost the global transpo ...

05-Apr-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Can Google’s New Features For Duo And Allo Be A Roll-Over-Prize For The Mobile App Market?

World is digitizing at a faster pace today. “Can Google prove to be the face of Internet development all across the globe?” is something that only time can answer. Google has a number of advancements being made to its app owing to the growing public demands and its increasing use. Recently, Google has added an audio-only feature to its video-calling app Duo and photo & file shar ...

05-Apr-2017 | Medical Devices

Adoption Of Predictive Analysis To Propel Electronic Health Records Market

Electronic health records are combined reports that capture  a broad range of data, including the demographics, medical history of patients, diagnostic images, laboratory test results, and medications. Healthcare institutes produce an enormous quantity of clinical data that consist of patient health information and non-clinical information such as financial and administrative data.