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13-Feb-2019 | Technology

Battle Between Apple And Qualcomm Likely To Impact The Growth Of The Smartphone Market

The smartphone market has observed a tremendous transformation owing to advancement in technology, better services, the advent of 4G & 5G networks, and so on. Recently, Qualcomm Inc had filed a patent lawsuit against Apple Inc that imposed a veto on sales of few iPhone devices in Germany. This, certainly, was expected to pose a negative impact on the growth of the smartphone market in that ...

13-Feb-2019 | Food & Beverage

Belizean Turmeric Gets Place in Global Turmeric Market

A novel product manufactured from Belizean-grown turmeric has started to hit the shelves of grocery stores in Belize as well as in Canada. The latest product is supposed to catch the turmeric market in the rest of the Caribbean as well. This budge is supposed to offer novel opportunities to farmers as well as agro-processors in the Toledo district. Till date, more than 350 turmeric cultivators ...

05-Feb-2019 | Automobile

Automotive Mobility Market Growth Has A Handle On New AEye Product Sale

The automotive mobility market will be skyrocketing by this year as AEye, which is one of the world’s best artificial perception systems and the maker of iDAR has recently declared that it will be launching the AE110. The new technology has been built on the highly wide-ranging solid-state LiDAR patent portfolio. The AE110 is the only one possessing the firm's solitary software-linked ...

05-Feb-2019 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Big Data—A Powerful Element To Change The Trend Of E-Commerce Market

E-commerce had a record year in 2018, with worldwide revenue estimated at $ 2.8 Trillion, according to statistics. This number is expected to reach $ 3.5 Trillion this year. To put this in perspective; if the e-commerce industry were a country, it would be the fifth; ahead to the UK, whose GDP in April 2018 was $ 2.61 Trillion.

15-Jan-2019 | Medical Devices

Discoveries That Curb Spread Of Antibiotic Resistance To Boost The Growth Of Antibiotics Market

The rising use of antibiotics owing to high prevalence of severe infections, the elevated capital allotment for Research & Development activities by biotechnology firms, along with the supportive rules and standards have propelled the growth of the antibiotics market. Furthermore, the breakthrough of innovative combination therapies and advanced prospect molecules for treating antibiotic-re ...

14-Jan-2019 | Automobile

Digitization Driving The Automobile Market In A Connected Way

Connected cars have created a mania in the automotive industry all over the world. Thanks to the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, the Internet of things, telematics, and others. The cars connected to your network, your physical and external infrastructure, create a connected transportation ecosystem. The goal of some of the leading pla ...

21-Nov-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Awareness Regarding Health and Hygiene To Spur The Medical Gloves Market

The key factor contributing to the growth of the medical gloves is the rising alertness of safety and health measures that have to be implemented with the purpose of preventing the spread of diseases. Medical disposable gloves are utilized in carrying out medical examinations and procedures to aid in preventing probable contamination between patients and healthcare personnel. They are gloves th ...

21-Nov-2017 | Healthcare

Development of Cutting-Edge Innovation to Recreate the Outline of Healthcare Equipment Market

Innovation, this one wording has definitely developed the method for organizations, evolving advancements, and economies. It is considered as a compulsory mechanism to streamline the hardest difficulties.

15-Nov-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Chinese Goods Sale To Witness A Huge Fall Of 40–45% In The Indian Market On Festive Season

For the last few years, Chinese products have done an appreciable business in terms of Diwali. But in this festive season, especially Diwali Chinese product can be a major drop in sales. From lights to gifts to Diwali and home decoration, a majority of the products are imported from China. Sales of Chinese products can be reduced by 40% to 45% this year compared to last year. This is revealed i ...

15-Nov-2017 | Medical Devices

Growing Rate of High-Risk Pregnancies to Spur the Fetal Monitoring Devices Market

Fetal monitoring signifies to the electronic monitoring of the patient. It registers the fetus’ vital physiological functions and the contractions of the uterus of the mother during birth and pregnancy. These monitors are bedside units that consist of an observing monitoring unit, electrodes, and cables. They record, measure, and present FHR, maternal heart rate &BP during and before ...