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25-Feb-2019 | Chemicals & Materials

Industrial Alliance To Help Waste Management Market To Rise

An alliance of 28 large companies has launched a global organization to find solutions to remove plastic waste from the environment. The Alliance for the Disposal of Plastic Waste (AEPW), which collaborates with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), brings together chemical and plastic companies as well as consumer goods companies.

25-Feb-2019 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Insights Into Fish’s Swimming Adds Sensory Feedback Feature To Global Robotics Market

The fish have a random movement with excellent sensory feedback so as to help them navigate the world. According to the Johns Hopkins University researchers, the inclusion of this movement in understanding the active sensing behaviors of animals can actually help advance the robotic platform in terms of medical, industrial, defense, and commercial sectors. The sensors can help improve the inter ...

13-Feb-2019 | Technology

Battle Between Apple And Qualcomm Likely To Impact The Growth Of The Smartphone Market

The smartphone market has observed a tremendous transformation owing to advancement in technology, better services, the advent of 4G & 5G networks, and so on. Recently, Qualcomm Inc had filed a patent lawsuit against Apple Inc that imposed a veto on sales of few iPhone devices in Germany. This, certainly, was expected to pose a negative impact on the growth of the smartphone market in that ...

13-Feb-2019 | Food & Beverage

Belizean Turmeric Gets Place in Global Turmeric Market

A novel product manufactured from Belizean-grown turmeric has started to hit the shelves of grocery stores in Belize as well as in Canada. The latest product is supposed to catch the turmeric market in the rest of the Caribbean as well. This budge is supposed to offer novel opportunities to farmers as well as agro-processors in the Toledo district. Till date, more than 350 turmeric cultivators ...

05-Feb-2019 | Automobile

Automotive Mobility Market Growth Has A Handle On New AEye Product Sale

The automotive mobility market will be skyrocketing by this year as AEye, which is one of the world’s best artificial perception systems and the maker of iDAR has recently declared that it will be launching the AE110. The new technology has been built on the highly wide-ranging solid-state LiDAR patent portfolio. The AE110 is the only one possessing the firm's solitary software-linked ...